How does the food come up to the hut?

Generally, the hut is supplied by helicopter. However, during the summer season, we also regularly carry supplies up to the hut ourselves.


Is there mobile reception at the hut?

No. However, you will get a mobile phone connection on surrounding high ground. If you urgently need to make a phone call from the hut, you can use our landline phone for a fee.


Is WLAN available for guests at the hut?

No. Our internet network is much too weak.


May dogs be brought to the hut?

For reasons of hygiene, dogs must sleep outside. We thank you for your understanding.


Is it possible for groups to reserve separate rooms for celebrations or seminars?

As we have three different dining rooms (with 20-30 seats each), this is usually no problem.


How can we dry wet clothing?

Our new drying room has both a wood stove and an electric dehumidifier.


    Is it possible to pay by card?

Yes. Besides cash (CHF and EUR) we also accept debit (EC) cards.


Where are the washing facilities located?

The shower (summer only), the toilets and the washrooms are all located inside the hut.


Where does the hut’s water come from?

During the summer, snow meltwater is piped from several kilometres away down to the hut. During the skiing season, we have three frost-resistant water tanks and sometimes some melt water from the roof at our disposal. We also have to melt snow on the kitchen stove. So we would appreciate it if our guests could help us use water sparingly during the cold months!


Is our tap water drinkable?

We strongly recommend not drinking the tap water, particularly during the ski season when the water comes from the water tanks. In the summer too, we are not allowed to rate the water as potable because there is no way of ensuring the hygiene of the supply system. For this reason, we use only boiled water in the kitchen, to ensure the water is potable and that we comply with the standards of the Cantonal Bureau for Food Safety.